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25kg Floranid Permanent 16.7.15(+2)
A complete slow release fertiliser with a broad field of use in turf, landscaping and horticulture. The narrow NPK ratio, slow release nitrogen isodur and the trace elements make it an excellent universal fertiliser with high overall effect.

1000 x 7.5g Basacote Tablets
A fully coated controlled release comples NPK fertiliser with trace elements. Easy handling, dosing and convenience. Perfect for 'after sales' care and guarenteeing continued growth.

25kg Basacote Plus 16.8.12(+2)
Fully coated NPK fertiliser with trace elements and macro nutrients. Suitable for all potting and container substrates and can be used as top dressing for shrubs and landscaping. Available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month controlled release.

25kg Osmocote Pro
Osmocote pro is a controlled release fertiliser with a high NPK content. It contains all neccessary trace elements and has a fixed longevity. It is available in 3-4mth, 5-6mth, 8-9mth or 12-14mth.

25kg Osmocote Exact
An advanced controlled release fertiliser offering a very steady release of nutrients throughout the duration of coverage. Available in 3-4, 5-6 or 8-9 mth standard and 5-6 or 8-9 mth high K.

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