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Sprayers / Sprayer Parts

Berthoud Cosmos 18 Knapsack Sprayer 18Ltr
A steady seller since its introduction, Cosmos knapsack sprayers more than meet the requirements of seasoned and professional gardeners. The tried and tested piston pump delivers high working pressures.

Weight when full: 23kg
Weight when empty: 5kg
Pressure Range: 0-3bars

Berthoud Vormel 2000 Pro Comfort Sprayer 16Ltr
The Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort or ('Treck Knapsack' as it is sometimes called) is a 16ltr knapsack sprayer with unique backpack style carrying concept. Comes with 12 months guarentee and unique style backframe and comfort straps.

Weight when full: 22kg
Weight when empty: 5kg
Pressure range: 0-5bars

Berthoud Elyte 8 Pro Sprayer 6Ltr
Another high quality sprayer from the Berthoud brand. Ideal for applying timber treatments, spot spraying of herbicides and pesticides etc. With shoulder strap, hose and lance with flexible end.

Weight when full: 7.2kg
Weight when empty: 1.5kg
Pressure range: 0-3bars

We also keep a wide range of Cooper Pegler sprayer parts in stock.

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