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Labels, Tree Care & Growers Sundries

We stock LL5, LL8 and LL9 Loop Lock Labels. We also have LL31 Thermal print Loop lock labels and LL1819W and LL2225W Tyvek Loop locks for inkjet printers. All come in rolls of 1000.

Our Stake Labels come in sizes 4" to 20". We also stock T-labels and Angled Head Labels in a similar range of sizes. These come in packs ranging from 50 to 1000 labels.

Bench and Floor stands, and info sticks are all available upon request.

Pyramid and Cane Caps are available in a range of sizes to fit all your growing needs. Along with these we sell many supports and trellises for ensuring the healthy growth of your plants.

Labels at James Pollock and Son

Labels at James Pollock + Son